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What’s Your Wild Rabbit? 

Hennessy has been putting out some phenomenal campaigns recently. Even the YouTube spots have caught my eye and typically I cannot stand preroll ads.

The most visually appealing of the recent campaigns has to be the print ads. Each of the ads shows a beautifully created scene to describe the “taste of each drop.” I won’t lie to you, I bought a bottle after seeing them (even though it almost broke my bank account).

Take a look:


Yet these pale in comparison to the brand’s latest campaign, which is the topic of conversation for this post.

Reaching for Heaven and Earth with the Piccards tells the story of a father-son desire to chase their passions–to find their wild rabbits.

Auguste Piccard and his son, Jacques Piccard, were explorers but they weren’t interested in exploring local culture or historical cities. No. They wanted to reach much further.

Auguste was the first man to ever reach the stratosphere. He wanted to reach as far in the sky as he possibly could and he did just that. The best part? He did all of this with a pressurized capsule and a balloon, in 1931!

Jacques, seeing his father explore the sky above them, wanted to explore something as well, but he chose depth rather than height. In 1961, Jacques became the first man to reach the deepest part of Earth’s ocean floor. He went as far as he could but in the opposite direction of his father.

The story is nothing less than incredible and the production team created a video that takes your breath away.

The campaign is another work of genius from the creatives over at Droga5. The agency created a 90-second version that tells the entire story, as well as 60 and 30-second versions. Trust me, the 90-second spot is worth the time.

I will admit that the whole campaign does make me wonder if I am chasing the wrong wild rabbit. Maybe I should move from advertising into space exploration…


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