If you are like me you cannot wait to get into the advertising industry, not because we know everything is all peaches and cream or that we think once we FINALLY break into the industry we are set for life. No. We can’t wait to get in and experience the culture and day-to-day life as an employee of an agency.

Sit down and ask someone who has worked in the industry for a while what they think about it. 

–> Chances are you will get 1 of 2 responses (or a combination of both).

1. “There is nothing like the ad industry. EVERY SINGLE DAY is a new beginning to a new road to create a new exciting spot or bring an old, outdated brand back into the limelight again. I love it and there is no other industry for me.”

or…the more cynical and honest answer would be something along the lines of this…

2. “Some days are incredible. Everything just works and we create incredible work. Others consist of long, tedious days where you either can’t think of a good idea/solution or every solution you think of gets quickly retired to the island of “maybe land.”

Okay, truthfully I am overgeneralizing but my point remains the same. You will never know how the industry is until you actually break into it–which according to some is borderline impossible (always lovely hearing that).

There is nothing worst than hearing about all the bad things that surround the industry that you still have yet to even get involved in (and are still dreaming about entering). It is demoralizing. Literally. I wish I could just say, “stop right there sir/ma’am, if you’ve got nothing good to say than don’t say it because I have heard all the bad and am choosing to ignore it for the sake of one day being a part of a team that gets shit done and creates incredible work.” I don’t recommend that response though.

Instead, just hear them out because sometimes the negative side of the business can make for some relatively hilarious stories, especially if the comments are added to nature clips replacing the people with animals. Yes, you have finally made it to the reasoning for my strange title.

Thanks to the creative folks over at The Variable, in Winston-Salem, NC we now have nature videos that capture the real day-to-day agency life. Advertising Animals, if you will.

A little something to bring your hope back and put a smile on your face.