The Burger King attempt for peace on Peace Day, the McWhopper, was an incredible idea. I will never understand why it didn’t happen. Although the McWhopper never made it to the market–which breaks my heart every single time that I think about it–it is still getting recognition in the industry.


The other day at the International Andy Awards in New York, Y&R New Zealand won the The Grandy Award, which is the top prize!

If you haven’t heard about this glorious burger, it essentially was a combination of the two most infamous offerings in the fast food industry; the Whopper and the Big Mac.

Two industry rivals putting down their spatulas for one of the most important days of the year. What a great way to celebrate peace…or well it would have been.

Burger King is known for its creative LTO burgers. McDonalds typically tends to be more conservative and sticks to its traditional menu. So, really, it isn’t surprising that McDonalds declined to participate, but I think it reflected rather poorly on the brand.

With that said, I can understand why McDonalds didn’t participate. The idea was a winner for Burger King either way. If McDonalds had accepted the offer, it would have been hugely successful and Burger King would have been credited with creating it. If McDonalds turned down the offer–which it did–Burger King would have looked like a hero for offering to ignore their differences for a day in the name of peace.

The cynical side of me believes that this was more of a publicity stunt by BK than a serious proposition, but we will never know for sure.

Burger King still garnered more than 8.9 billion impressions and increased awareness of Peace Day by 40%. WOW.

Since the initial idea was announced multiple people have given their idea of what the burger would have looked like and  tasted like. Some people even crafted their own…


The bottom line: Y&R finally got the credit it deserved for this ingenious idea.