I have been an Amazon Prime addict for years now. My father was actually the one to show me what Amazon was all about. He has been a prime member years before I even knew what it was, but now I cannot even imagine life without it.

Recently, I stumbled across the new Amazon Launchpad section (basically an Amazon-branded Kickstarter) and it is my new favorite site. The only problem? I could easily spend a few thousand dollars in a few hours.

Some of the concept products are a little out there but most of them are must-haves. Well, maybe not must-haves, more like never-thought-of-but-want-to-haves (the best kind).

Like these:

Mark One Pryme Vessel 


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker


UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine


Gatekeeper Wireless Bluetooth Computer Lock


Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter


Aquaovo Alter Ego 


Par Avion Tea in Artisan Tin


Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Products range from unique tea leafs to smart water bottles. Some of the items are not totally ‘new’ but all of them are really intriguing. As an aspiring adman, I search far and wide to come up with websites just like this one. Sites like these serve as a platform for me to learn about what other people are doing. Launchpad stretches my imagination. It pushes me to think outside of the box, and out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what the industry needs.

I know that I have been making lists lately, so I apologize if these posts aren’t up your alley, but I love hearing about new concepts and ideas–and I hope you do too!

I have come to the realization that most millennials ignore long posts and enjoy short and succinct ones (myself included). There is nothing worse than seeing an incredible title on twitter, clicking on the link, opening it up, and discovering that the article is 20+ paragraphs long. That might make my generation sound lazy, but it is the truth. People have more options for information and less time than ever before. If the topic within the article can be properly explained within a few paragraphs, what are those extra paragraphs for?

Short posts are what I am all about. Do you feel the same way?