Soo Spring Break is over for us Chapel Hill-ians? Whatever you call us, Tarheels from all over the world are returning to the wonderful campus that we all call home. But did you enjoy your break? This post is all about discussing how I believe one should spend their spring break.


Spend some time with the family.

There is NOTHING more important than family. I cherish every moment that I have with my mother, father, and brother. Yes, we are a dysfunctional bunch and yes, we probably drink a wee bit too much but that is just who we are. I wouldn’t trade my family for anything. You can always hang out with some good friends, and I understand the desire to go out to the bars in town but family should always come first. I think you get my point, spend more time with mom, dad, and siblings (even if, sometimes, you cannot stand them).


Make sure to get some good food (and drinks).

Aaahhh. Buon cibo, buon vino, e buoni amici. (Good food, good wine, and good friends) I am blessed to have a family and friend groups that like the same things that I like. My brother and I are constantly searching for some good eats—but don’t you dare call us foodies. Name a restaurant and we have either been there or are planning on going. Over this break I have eaten at some of my favorite places; Undici in Redbank, Novecento in SoHo, Tommy’s in Seabright, etc. I am a little upset that we didn’t visit any New York Speakeasy’s, but we should save that for summer, right?


Secure an internship before you leave for home (and brace yourself for the new adventure).

Well, you are probably thinking, easier said than done Dan. BUT this is incredibly important to ensure a carefree spring break. If you know me, you know that I am constantly worrying about EVERYTHING. Finding an internship before break just allows you to relax a bit more. I am interning at one of my favorite advertising agencies of all time, Ogilvy and Mather. Landing a great internship will not only relax yourself but also your parents. GET AN INTERNSHIP (or at least apply to some great places). You never know who might fall in love with you.


Learn some new things and do things that you wouldn’t normally do

This spring break I spent a lot of time researching living in the city (New York) because I cannot wait to work there. Research is important. Hold on a second, let me repeat that; RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT. IMPORTANT. Do your research because it will make your experience that much better. Whether you are interning in a big city or a small town, learn about it. Advertising campaigns rely on research to produce a campaign, why wouldn’t you?

Make the most of every moment (in a way that makes YOU happy).

This is a sort and to the point topic; make the most of every moment. Enjoy the moments that you would normally take for granted.


Drink lots of coffee (to be awake for every moment).

If you are a New Jersey native like myself, go to ROOK Coffee Roasters every morning (and afternoon). The coffee is ridiculous. I have mentioned the coffee about three times in this blog so far, that is how good it is. Don’t take this for granted, the coffee is Chapel Hill is terrible. Caribou Coffee? No thanks. Starbucks? I would rather just buy a redbull.


Line up things to do during summer break.

Make a list. Hate making lists? Me too. BUT you have to! The week of spring break will go by incredibly fast and you don’t want to miss anything. This point really lines up with making the most of every moment, but it is an important one in itself. Throw a list together before you take that flight home. Jot down everything and everything you would like to do (AND DO IT).

I hope that you read this and remember everything that I said for your next spring break. Make the most of it. Pretty soon you will not have a spring break. Don’t let others influence what you want to do, just do you. With that said, don’t hide inside all week, get out and do some different and fun things. Just go out and enjoy your break. No regrets. That is all.