Sometimes all it takes is a simple, well-placed reminder & J. Walter Thompson is pretty damn good at this type of campaign.

What is the worst part about Chicago? 
…Alright, I will save you some time. The worst part about Chicago is the weather, specifically the winter weather. It gets freakin’ cold out!

How cold? 

Really cold. We are talking the double digit negatives.


How can these frigid temperatures be avoided? 

By taking a trip to Puerto Rico, of course!

J. Walter Thompson realized this rather quickly, as they were working with Puerto Rico Tourism, and developed an ingenious idea, bring the two places together.

They placed clearly branded buckets of salt from the lovely beaches of Puerto Rico on doorsteps, residential staircases, and anywhere else that would be seen by human eyes. They even drove are town (in a bus covered with images those sunny beaches) and handed them out.

The buckets highlighted some key reasons why Puerto Rico is a great vacation destination. You can probably see the large font used to show the temperature in Puerto Rico. 85 degrees sounds much nicer than -20, I mean, at least according to me. Wouldn’t you agree?

So why did I share this? 

This simple, yet effective campaign takes a look back at traditional advertising techniques. It takes a step away from digital advertising and forces people to communicate in person. What is better than that?