Creativity is an essential skill in life.

Life would be a boring experience without the presence of creativity, wouldn’t it?

Everyone has some sort of creativity within, even if it is very well hidden.


I don’t have 10 tips on how to develop your creativity in a world of conformity though, I just love this illustration.


The illustration shows a man, smoking his pipe, sitting in his chair, crossing his legs, leaning back to get comfortable, thinking thoughts.

The illustration shows his creative process, or at least, what I can interpret from his creative process.

Everyone has their own creative process–and some are much more complex than this mans.


My Creative Process 

Right, so how do I get in the ‘creative mood?’

I actually use 2 different approaches when attempting to get in my creative mood.

One involves almost complete isolation.

No TV.

No Friends.

No thoughts of procrastination.

No Worries.

No thoughts about the new Kanye West album.

No Phone
(okay…some quick breaks to scroll through instagram and twitter, call it “creative inspiration”)

All I want to hear is some relaxing classical music or maybe some soothing Jazz.

In this approach I need to focus on myself and my own thoughts.

“When I commit to a project, I don’t expand my contact with the world; I try to cut it off. I want to place myself in a bubble of monomaniacal absorption where I’m fully invested in the task at hand.” -Twyla Tharp (The Creative Habit)

One involves a community.

TV, Phone, Colleagues, Friends, Enemies, Distractions, and Rap = All fair game.

While isolation can bring clarity to my thought process sometimes, the polar opposite is necessary on other occasions.

Working with a group of honest, sincere, and educated colleagues almost always helps spark an idea for me. Whether it is the constant bickering, the sense of pride you develop when the group likes your idea, or the demoralizing feeling when a group hates your current path; something about bringing multiple minds together under one roof just works.

So, when do you use the above approaches?

A community is necessary, for me, when I am attempting to spark a new idea. This is where I scratch for ideas. If I am sitting in front of a blank page with a blinking cursor, I need some sort of spark to ignite the idea. I need distractions and conversations to draw upon. I need an episode of Conspiracy Theories on the History channel playing in the background. I need WEIRD. An idea doesn’t come out of thin-air and so you should have sources of inspiration all around you.

Go on a walk.Go shopping.Do something new.Watch a documentary on a weird topic.

Once that idea is captured I need my space. I need complete isolation to work on it and perfect it. I might, however, let reality back in for a minute if I feel the need to replenish the weird.

If you had to pick one place, and one place only, where are most creative? 

In my apartment sitting in from of my computer with a french press full of freshly-ground ROOK coffee–Bali only please–and a little Beethoven playing in the background.

Video Time

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love speaking on your creative genius.