The advertising A-list, according to a 22-year-old advertising student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Not the most credible source. I mean, I don’t have years of experience under my belt or a stack of awards in my corner office but I have been studying the topic for the past 2 years. Advertising has become more than my major, it has become my passion. This post is completely dedicated to my favorite campaigns (organized by brand). I wanted to post a round up of my top picks.

I know that you have noticed the brevity of my posts, especially lately, but this is done on purpose. Through a series search and analysis of some of my favorite–and least favorite–blogs, I realized that what they all had in common was their brief, to the point approach. So from now on, I will let the work speak for itself whenever I can.

Short. Interesting. To the Point.

Anyway, back to the post.

Here are some of my favorite campaigns. Ever.

Vittel Water

  • Couch Converter
  • Refresh Cap

There is something about just indescribably good about the advertising style of Vittel. I don’t know if it is the brand, the ad agency (Ogilvy Paris), or a combination of the two but they have quickly become one of my favorite creative brands. You really do have to check out the website. Breathe in that classic/rustic/retro style of Ogilvy’s homepage.

Johnnie Walker -Blue Label 

The Gentleman’s Wager II

The Gentleman’s Wager I

The second film, in my opinion, is the better of the two. If pressed for time, start with II. The exploration of the Italian countryside is pretty beautifully captured. The spot runs like a movie, with just enough of that classic blue label showing. I constantly joke that I would love to see the full length version of this spot with people I share this it with.

I believe both are a product of Anomaly.


Your Wishes Delivered: Books to Malawi

Companies doing good things for good people. I love this approach to connection. This is a product of Ogilvy and UPS. It is part of the Your Wishes Delivered campaign–yes, the Driver for a Day spot is from same campaign. Colin Mitchell, the Ogilvy and Mather Head of Planning, refers to the era that we are in one in which we have  “to give to get.” It is no longer about lashing out and acting crazy–although that can work–it is about giving back to people to build a relationship with your consumers.

Newcastle Brown Ale  

If We Won

Band of Brands

Heres a newer Newcastle spot. A little too crazy maybe, but at least they are keeping their brand theme consistent.

While giving back can work for a brand, so can ironic or sarcastic humor. Who uses humor better than Newcastle Brown Ale? If only their beer tasted more like Wicked Weed or Lagunitas. Either way, I hope you enjoy these commercials. Stephen Merchant makes an appearance.

The top 2 spots were a product of Droga5.


I could list too many campaigns from Oreo. Let’s just look at my current favorite.



Essentially, what I could gather from the online articles, Oreo and HP teamed up to use 3D printing and create some pretty unique cookies. I believe users could use the window (shown above) to print custom Oreo cookies based on tweets. This is a great way of connecting the online experience to the in-person experience. Who doesn’t want to personalize their own Oreo?

Burger King 

The Proud Whopper

The Proud Whopper. Great idea. Minimal cost. Major impact. What else can I say?
We are all the same on the inside.


That is all for now, but I will make sure to keep posting these round ups to show other innovative campaigns that I come across.