Well, as you probably know, McDonalds and Burger King have been playfully attacking each other since they found themselves competing for the same mouths–so like since forever. RIP-Mcdonalds.jpg

For a while it seemed that Burger King was a bit more vicious in their campaigning but, as of recent, McDonalds has been crossing over to the dark side more and more.

Remember Burger King’s Peace Day Proposal?

If not, here is a video to remind you about what the idea was all about. Essentially, bringing peace to their “burger wars.”

I really enjoyed the idea, but McDonalds turned away from the proposal. I mean, I don’t think Burger King thought that McDonalds would agree (they probably even hoped that they wouldn’t) but how great would it have been? Mc Whopper. Yum.

Having trouble imagining what a McWhopper would look like? Not to worry, BK took care of that as well.


The peace day project is actually not what I am here to write about today though. I am here to talk about what McDonalds France did to alienate Burger King from their customers minds. A link to a video describing the idea can be found here.

McDonalds is Closer to You.

Essentially, McDonalds created both a massive billboard ad and a tiny one. The massive one illustrated the incredibly arduous directions to arrive at the nearest BK. While the tiny ad featured a simple arrow and the words “5 KM.” Pretty clear what McDonalds is attempting to say.

Burger King, in good old BK fashion, responded with another clever spot highlighting how much ‘better’ their food is. A couple stops at McDonalds, only for the coffee, and then continues on driving in order to reach their ultimate destination, the Land of the King.

You can’t beat the McDonalds + Burger King beef, I mean, unless you are talking about the actual burgers…

Some of my favorite work comes from Burger King and McDonalds. There is something special about two brands fighting over you, isn’t there?