“Saving Lives One Ride at a Time”

“Mosquitos kill more people every year than any other animal in the world*, and in 2015 alone, Thailand experienced more than a 207% increase in dengue patients – making it one of the worst years in recent history for this deadly mosquito-borne disease. The Duang Prateep Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of slum residents, wanted to do something about this, so together we created MotoRepellent to help combat mosquito infestation and mosquito-borne illnesses in the slums with motorcycles; because like mosquitos, they are everywhere.” -BBDO Bangkok (Vimeo


BBDO Thailand, along with Duang Prateep Foundation, created a device that can attach to a motor scooter and actually provide some benefit to the local community. Transforming motor scooters into mobile mosquito repellent units. Savings lives & creating healthier living situations–all with one simple product. Genius. Just Genius.

You may know Thailand from all the beautiful pictures online, but that is only one side of the country.

There is another side, the ugly side of Thailand, that is often ignored. The slums. 

This campaign stood out to me for a few reasons.

  1. It is brilliantly done. Adding a simple universal device to a motor scooter to attack the fierce mosquito problem.
  2. It focuses on an often ignored area. Mosquitos may no be the biggest problem these people face on a daily basis, but at least they now have one less annoyance to face in their daily lives.
  3. It combines the aspects of “Disruption” and “Give to Get” advertising styles of companies like TBWA\Chiat\Day and Ogilvy, while maintaining BBDO’s legendary focus on ‘the work, the work, the work.

Campaigns like these are exactly what inspire me.

They inspire me to be a better strategist.

They inspire me to broaden my horizons and learn about the world around me.

And, most of all, they inspire me to be a better person.


I hope that by sharing this I have inspired you as well.