Water is boring. Isn’t it? There are so many other, more appealing options out there. Plus most of the water bottles out there are just as boring and of low quality. They are made of a cheap, flimsy plastic and they make that annoying crunch noise after your first couple sips. As you could probably tell by now, I am not a big fan of water bottles.

I am stepping away from commenting on the advertising agencies to address this problem I always seem to encounter: I can NEVER find a water bottle that works for me.

You may be thinking, “well there are other water bottle options that aren’t cheap and flimsy kid, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Well, you’re half right.


The water industry is flooded with brands attempting to create the perfect way to consume water. There are premium bottled water brands, super premium water brands, exclusive water brand collaborations, infused water brands, vitamin-enriched water brands, box water brands, imported water brands, domestic water brands, and even ‘smart’ water brands. So there are options for everyone, well, at least for almost everyone. I guess Seth Godin is right, the world is catering to the weird. There is no one water bottle fits all. There are countless bottled water brands and the target audiences differ–and that is just the bottled water industry. There is the filtered bottle industry, the insulated bottle industry, and even just the ‘green’ reusable industry.

S0…what is your point? 

My point is simple, I am here to show you my favorite options. Water is boring. I want to help make it interesting again. And like it or not, the container you use can matter just as much as the water inside of it. A water bottle tells a lot about a person. It tells their story. I’m here to help you get your story straight.

I have spent hours researching water bottle brands; their designs, their functions, and their personalities. I focused solely on reusable bottles and distanced myself from talking about typical bottled water brands like Fiji, Poland Spring, Dasani, Voss, etc. So far I have come up with 10 bottles. My top 10, if you will. (In no particular order.)

  1. Brand/Name: 24 Bottles / Urban Bottle

24 bottles2

2. Brand/Name: 24 Bottles / Thermo Bottle 

24 bottles

3. Brand/Name: Alex Bottle / Matte Black & Olive 


4. Brand/Name: Fred Water / Flask (Steel) 


5. Brand/Name: Fred Water / Flask (Reusable BPA-Free Plastic)


6. Brand/Name: Hydros / Filter Bottle 


7. Brand/Name: S’well / Opal Marble (Endless color options)


9. Brand/Name: TakeYa / Modern Twist Cap 


9. Brand/Name: blk. / blk. Water 


10. Brand/Name: Tkaro / Tkaro Cup