I believe product packaging and design plays a big role in the overall brand personality. Honest Tea has a clean presentation emphasizing the unique ingredients. Voss Water is simplistic and elegant looking, pointing to its elite status in the water bottle market. It just makes sense to match your packaging to your product. If Voss Water came in a flimsy bottle like Poland Spring, the message wouldn’t match the product (and sales would suffer). So when a brand decides to alter its packaging, it better be a calculated decision–even temporarily.

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The entire Coca-Cola brand just made a major change to their campaign. In January, Coke replaced their “Open Happiness” campaign with the new “Taste The Feeling” concept. Along with the new brand identity, Coca-Cola wanted to produce a new identity for it’s Diet Coke bottles. I mean, it is no secret that Diet Coke sales are falling so hopefully this will change the current trend. Diet Coke  is producing millions of unique bottles with creative designs. They will be available for a limited time so get them while they last.

It’s Mine. 

The main idea behind the It’s Mine campaign is to connect with their current customers; to give them a part of the brand that no one else has. As Kate Santore, senior manager of integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola North America said, “These bottles make your favorite beverage even more special – every bottle is completely unique, which means a fan can now own a piece of the brand no one else in the world owns.” I think this concept really plays off of the principal that everyone has their own experience/idea they associate with a brand. Some may drink Diet Coke because their family did or because it reminds them of a time with friends. Whatever your Diet Coke story is, it’s yours. That is my theory at least. Take a look at the ad below and tell me what you think.


Coca-Cola is also using Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter as advertising platforms for the new bottle design. You should also expect to see quite a bit of digital, OOH, and print advertisements, as well, while the supply of these unique bottles lasts.

So, I guess the main question is, what bottle will you choose? 


How? How did they print so many designs? 

Through the use of HP Indigo digital printing.

Learn more about it here. 

and HERE!

Designs..and More Designs:


Resources: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/DietCokeITSMINE/