Its that time of year again. Super Bowl season. Advertising agencies work day in, day out to create some eye-catching spots for their clients, and Americans get together to enjoy the big game.


Millions of people watch the event every year and that means millions of people, from all different backgrounds and locations, will be exposed to the ads (and hopefully those ads will influence consumer purchasing drivers in a positive way). There are very few events/programs that get anywhere near the amount of passive viewers that the Super Bowl does, so big brands (and one small brand-Death Wish Coffee Co.) jump on the opportunity to boost their brand relevance and brand recall.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.21.16 PM.png

This year, Acura decided to advertise their new 2016 NSX by just showing it off (with David Lee Roth doing his thing in the background). It is so simple that it is brilliant.

  • The music matches the attitude of the overall commercial perfectly.
  • The cinematography is incredibly well done. It makes me feel like I am about to race the devil…really though.
  • The car is badass, for the lack of a better word. Actually, badass describes this sports car perfectly. (Acura, if you are looking for test drivers, I am your man).

When I first saw this spot, I was really not impressed by it. Sure, the car was cool but there wasn’t much to the actual spot itself. It was a few hours later–and about 10 car advertisements later–that I realized the beauty of the commercial came from its simplicity. The commercial only contains 6 words–well 7 words if you count the “NSX” name on the back bumper of the car as a word. The rest of the commercial just shows off the body style and leaves the viewer jacked up about spending a cool $130,000 on a sports car.

Creativity Online brought up a good point: Why would Acura spend so much money on a commercial for such an expensive car?

“According to Acura, the goal is to use the flashy car to highlight the Acura brand’s new ‘precision crafted performance’ marketing theme and also win some love for lower-priced models.”

According to me, this is a great approach to solving a brand problem that I see. I can never place Acura in a automobile category. Is it luxury? High-performance? High-quality? Well, now, I have my answer. It is all about the performance. I cannot wait to see the result of this spot. I think there will be quite a few more NSXs on the road (crossing my fingers) and a whole bunch of their middle and lower end models.

The actual spot can be found here. Unfortunately I could not find an original source to embed. Sorry!