J. Walter Thompson has been an agency that, I feel, has consistently put out incredible work. Although, typically I am admiring the work of the New York office, this campaign from JWT Canada is really inspiring. Anyone with a phone can change the message on these posters throughout Toronto schools. “Launched by LGBTQ advocacy group Toronto Pflag, the posters depict a rainbow that spells out the LGBTQ acronym: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Straight, Queer and 2-Spirited.” (Adweek) The flash from a camera takes the acronyms and reveals other nouns that could be used in their places. “Lesbian” changes to “Partner,” “Gay” to “Teammate”, etc.

Not only does this campaign stand out from the typical ineffective approach but it also meshes the generation’s interests with an important message. The poster takes advantage of the one thing almost every teen has–a cellphone. Why not make learning engaging and fun? Why not give the consumer something in return for the time spent on the advertisement while, at the same time, breaking down social barriers? Job well done JWT. Learn more about this innovative campaign directly from the source, here.

I see a bright future for this campaign, and not just in Toronto, but globally. With that being said, I also believe it is important to expand it. This one poster will eventually become old news. The best way to ensure that the message stays relevant? Stay on top of relevant technologies that the current target audience is interested in. Which platforms/media/tech? That is exactly where research and strategy come in. The first step to any campaign is research. Understanding your target is critical.


It is nice to see an agency put extra effort into work like this. Although some people fought against the LGBTQ Doritos, I thought it was another successful campaign at boosting awareness and educating the public.