Building ones own brand seems to be one of the most important things a person can do in this day and age and blogging is a key aspect of one’s brand. This semester my Creativity in Strategy class has been tasked with creating a few blog posts on specific topics relating to the advertising world. So, now, I will be publishing an additional blog post each week (on top of the two posts a week that I am currently posting). The section will be referred to as “Out of My Hands” and each post will be marked “OoMH.” The overarching theme of this blog is still advertising, but one of the three post will be of my professors choosing–adding some variety to the mix each week.

Well it is week one of this assignment so without further ado, let me introduce the topic of conversation this week:

Communication Analysis: The Dew Bottle Tool

Agency: BBDO

Client: Pepsi – Mountain Dew


  • What do you think is the insight behind that communication? 
    • Simple (yet incredibly brilliant):
      • Skating is a tiring activity – Skateboarding is a draining sport. Skaters are constantly riding and, therefore, constantly sweating. They need something to quench their thirst and cool them down.
      • Skaters drink Mountain Dew– It has positioned itself as an action sports drink in the minds of consumers.
      • Skaters break things– Skating is a sport that is not only rough on the person’s body (which is where Mountain Dew comes in), but also rough on the person’s board (which is where the bottle tool comes in).
    • Skaters were already drinking SOMETHING so they had bottles on them anyway. Adding the tool to the bottle will just increase the value of the Mountain Dew specifically to the skaters.
  • Why does it resonate with you?
    • This resonates me for 3 main reasons
      • Package Design: Recently, I have found a passion in packaging design. I find it incredible that designers can develop create and unique packaging to show the personality of the product/consumer. The design of a package can make or break a brand. I am not saying it is the only factor in purchasing decisions but it is definitely one of them. The idea to incorporate a skate tool in the Mountain Dew bottle is genius. It seems so obvious in hindsight.
      • Growing up: Ever since I was a child my family would go on ski/snowboard vacations. I soon began to develop interests in other action sports like wake boarding, and skateboarding. So this concept connects me to my childhood and is personally relevant.
      • Simplicity: I am a sucker for simple designs and effective solutions. Yes, I am obsessed with the design of apple products (even the boxes and accessories). This unique feature does not ruin the look of the bottle nor does it add any unnecessary bulk to it. The tool only adds connivence to its user.
  • What do you think the brand’s planning team learning about in their research? 
    • The team learned that:
      • Pepsi had been ignoring the skateboarding market because of its other brands.
      • Skaters were brand loyalists BUT they could also see through any fake qualities brands attempt to sell.
      • They learned that getting to know the consumer is key (something I have mentioned quite a few times so far in this blog). Typical discount promos would not work. So they started actually interacting with the skaters.
      • Skaters hate traditional advertising.
      • Skaters were spending too much time fixing their boards (& the tools are heavy + annoying)
      • They had to become part of the skaters daily lives. To become so important that skaters needed Mountain Dew.
  • Do you think there are people out there who this communication is not for ? What do you think they are like? 
    • Yes, of course, but they were not the target. This communication attempt was geared toward a niche market. This group was interested in gaining the attention of one group and one group only, the skateboarders.
      • This idea could be used for other brands and other consumers in the action sports community. BMX, wakeboarding, snowboarding, the possibilities are endless.
  • Any other comments/Issues:
    • Companies should let the product and consumers talk. I really believe that this BBDO team would not have come across such a groundbreaking insight had they not jumped in head first. Living with the skating community for a week gave the research team a behind-the-scenes look at the world of skateboarding.
      • Some insights are better left to primary research rather than secondary research. What is that saying? You never know a man until you walk a mile in their shoes? Well the same goes for skateboarding.