Companies have recently started to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon but they are still ironing out the kinks in their use of this emerging app–there is a great Adweek article on this very concept. There are many challenges that come with the presence of brands on social media. This is no longer the age of mass media, one generic message will not win your company any favors.

If a company is attempting to target an age group of 18 to 34-year-olds and it is sending everyone within that age group the same message, the company is in trouble. A 22-year-old thinks differently than a 30-year-old. It just makes sense.

Messages now have to be tailored to the target audience and supply that audience with a benefit–especially for millennial audiences. It seems to be a constant struggle to keep up with the millennial generation, even for a millennial like myself. Not only does a company need to understand what apps are considered cool at the moment, it also needs to master how to use them. I am sure we will see many more examples of how brands are using Snapchat in the future, but here is one recent example I could find:

Dominos UK and Iris Worldwide created something that I have never seen before. Essentially they decided to run a discount code promotion using Snapchat. The story tracks a pizza delivery guy on a ‘typical’ delivery, except this one involves an alien attack. The quality really isn’t that great nor is the set or costumes BUT it seems to work well together. I see it as being so bad that it is good. Throughout the video the delivery guy comes across a combination of letters that can be used to receive a discount off an order.

Uses a relevant social media platform – check

Tells a story to the consumer – check

Entertains and rewards the consumer for his/her attention – check

Sure there is lots of room for improvement but, hey, television ads have been around for years and most of them are still terrible. I see the use of Snapchat as a sign of the industry moving in the right direction–towards the interests of the consumers rather than the interests of the brands themselves.

Iris has also worked on a few other Dominos campaigns. Check them out here.