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What’s Your Wild Rabbit?

What passion are you chasing?

What is your goal in life?

What can you just never stop thinking about?

What’s Your Wild Rabbit? 

Hennessy has been putting out some phenomenal campaigns recently. Even the YouTube spots have caught my eye and typically I cannot stand preroll ads.

The most visually appealing of the recent campaigns has to be the print ads. Each of the ads shows a beautifully created scene to describe the “taste of each drop.” I won’t lie to you, I bought a bottle after seeing them (even though it almost broke my bank account).

Take a look:


Yet these pale in comparison to the brand’s latest campaign, which is the topic of conversation for this post.

Reaching for Heaven and Earth with the Piccards tells the story of a father-son desire to chase their passions–to find their wild rabbits.

Auguste Piccard and his son, Jacques Piccard, were explorers but they weren’t interested in exploring local culture or historical cities. No. They wanted to reach much further.

Auguste was the first man to ever reach the stratosphere. He wanted to reach as far in the sky as he possibly could and he did just that. The best part? He did all of this with a pressurized capsule and a balloon, in 1931!

Jacques, seeing his father explore the sky above them, wanted to explore something as well, but he chose depth rather than height. In 1961, Jacques became the first man to reach the deepest part of Earth’s ocean floor. He went as far as he could but in the opposite direction of his father.

The story is nothing less than incredible and the production team created a video that takes your breath away.

The campaign is another work of genius from the creatives over at Droga5. The agency created a 90-second version that tells the entire story, as well as 60 and 30-second versions. Trust me, the 90-second spot is worth the time.

I will admit that the whole campaign does make me wonder if I am chasing the wrong wild rabbit. Maybe I should move from advertising into space exploration…


Never stop. Never settle. Since 1765


Advertising. Animals. Advertising Animals.

If you are like me you cannot wait to get into the advertising industry, not because we know everything is all peaches and cream or that we think once we FINALLY break into the industry we are set for life. No. We can’t wait to get in and experience the culture and day-to-day life as an employee of an agency.

Sit down and ask someone who has worked in the industry for a while what they think about it. 

–> Chances are you will get 1 of 2 responses (or a combination of both).

1. “There is nothing like the ad industry. EVERY SINGLE DAY is a new beginning to a new road to create a new exciting spot or bring an old, outdated brand back into the limelight again. I love it and there is no other industry for me.”

or…the more cynical and honest answer would be something along the lines of this…

2. “Some days are incredible. Everything just works and we create incredible work. Others consist of long, tedious days where you either can’t think of a good idea/solution or every solution you think of gets quickly retired to the island of “maybe land.”

Okay, truthfully I am overgeneralizing but my point remains the same. You will never know how the industry is until you actually break into it–which according to some is borderline impossible (always lovely hearing that).

There is nothing worst than hearing about all the bad things that surround the industry that you still have yet to even get involved in (and are still dreaming about entering). It is demoralizing. Literally. I wish I could just say, “stop right there sir/ma’am, if you’ve got nothing good to say than don’t say it because I have heard all the bad and am choosing to ignore it for the sake of one day being a part of a team that gets shit done and creates incredible work.” I don’t recommend that response though.

Instead, just hear them out because sometimes the negative side of the business can make for some relatively hilarious stories, especially if the comments are added to nature clips replacing the people with animals. Yes, you have finally made it to the reasoning for my strange title.

Thanks to the creative folks over at The Variable, in Winston-Salem, NC we now have nature videos that capture the real day-to-day agency life. Advertising Animals, if you will.

A little something to bring your hope back and put a smile on your face.



The McWin

The Burger King attempt for peace on Peace Day, the McWhopper, was an incredible idea. I will never understand why it didn’t happen. Although the McWhopper never made it to the market–which breaks my heart every single time that I think about it–it is still getting recognition in the industry.


The other day at the International Andy Awards in New York, Y&R New Zealand won the The Grandy Award, which is the top prize!

If you haven’t heard about this glorious burger, it essentially was a combination of the two most infamous offerings in the fast food industry; the Whopper and the Big Mac.

Two industry rivals putting down their spatulas for one of the most important days of the year. What a great way to celebrate peace…or well it would have been.

Burger King is known for its creative LTO burgers. McDonalds typically tends to be more conservative and sticks to its traditional menu. So, really, it isn’t surprising that McDonalds declined to participate, but I think it reflected rather poorly on the brand.

With that said, I can understand why McDonalds didn’t participate. The idea was a winner for Burger King either way. If McDonalds had accepted the offer, it would have been hugely successful and Burger King would have been credited with creating it. If McDonalds turned down the offer–which it did–Burger King would have looked like a hero for offering to ignore their differences for a day in the name of peace.

The cynical side of me believes that this was more of a publicity stunt by BK than a serious proposition, but we will never know for sure.

Burger King still garnered more than 8.9 billion impressions and increased awareness of Peace Day by 40%. WOW.

Since the initial idea was announced multiple people have given their idea of what the burger would have looked like and  tasted like. Some people even crafted their own…


The bottom line: Y&R finally got the credit it deserved for this ingenious idea.



Dog Safety From Our Friends At Pedigree

Every family needs a dog. 

Since I was a young boy, I have always had labrador as my partner in crime. Currently, I have a chocolate labradoodle (due to both my mother’s and my asthma issues).

There is so much that you learn from growing up with a pup in the family.

  • To live in the moment
  • To not hold grudges
  • To care about and take care of somebody besides yourself
  • To be loyal and dependable
  • To listen
  • To appreciate the small things in life

I could keep going. My point is that there is value in having a furry companion in the family.
They are always there for you, no matter what.
They always make you smile and enjoy life.

There is a huge problem with mixing children with dogs, especially pups.

Children can, unknowingly, be rather brutal on animals. This can lead to an aggressive reaction, which can come in the form of growls or even bites.

According to the Pedigree, “every year in the U.S. there are around 4.7 milllion dog bite incidents with 70% of these bites happening to a child. The majority of these incidents occur in the home and, 75% of the time, the dog is known to the child. Often it happens because the child doesn’t know how to behave safely around dogs or how to read a dog’s body language.”

Now, thanks to Pedigree, there is a way to avoid those negative reactions from our animal friends.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.37.37 PM

Pedigree has launched a free application for apple and android phones which teaches children how to treat animals in every possible scenario. It is the brain child of Colenso BBDO, leading dog behavior experts, and Auckland Council’s Animal Management team.

The best part? It is an incredibly well animated game that looks like it is actually fun.

What a great way to incorporate an important lesson into generation Z‘s passion for video games and digital media.

Oliver Downs, marketing director at Mars Petcare, which owns and distributes Pedigree in New Zealand, said in a statement that the company aims to the make the world a better place for dogs and people to live together, and the app is an important educational tool to help achieve this.




Why Amazon Launchpad is my new favorite site.

I have been an Amazon Prime addict for years now. My father was actually the one to show me what Amazon was all about. He has been a prime member years before I even knew what it was, but now I cannot even imagine life without it.

Recently, I stumbled across the new Amazon Launchpad section (basically an Amazon-branded Kickstarter) and it is my new favorite site. The only problem? I could easily spend a few thousand dollars in a few hours.

Some of the concept products are a little out there but most of them are must-haves. Well, maybe not must-haves, more like never-thought-of-but-want-to-haves (the best kind).

Like these:

Mark One Pryme Vessel 


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker


UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine


Gatekeeper Wireless Bluetooth Computer Lock


Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter


Aquaovo Alter Ego 


Par Avion Tea in Artisan Tin


Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Products range from unique tea leafs to smart water bottles. Some of the items are not totally ‘new’ but all of them are really intriguing. As an aspiring adman, I search far and wide to come up with websites just like this one. Sites like these serve as a platform for me to learn about what other people are doing. Launchpad stretches my imagination. It pushes me to think outside of the box, and out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what the industry needs.

I know that I have been making lists lately, so I apologize if these posts aren’t up your alley, but I love hearing about new concepts and ideas–and I hope you do too!

I have come to the realization that most millennials ignore long posts and enjoy short and succinct ones (myself included). There is nothing worse than seeing an incredible title on twitter, clicking on the link, opening it up, and discovering that the article is 20+ paragraphs long. That might make my generation sound lazy, but it is the truth. People have more options for information and less time than ever before. If the topic within the article can be properly explained within a few paragraphs, what are those extra paragraphs for?

Short posts are what I am all about. Do you feel the same way?




A Trip Down The Inspiration River.

Everyone has their own path in life, and I often find myself wondering what led them down that path.

What made them choose that specific career ?

Why do they think that way?

Who do they look up to?

How did they first discover that interest? 

As you are aware, or could probably guess, I have a passion for advertising. There is so much about the industry that I admire. There are so many people within the industry that keep me motivated, interested, and inspired, and that is what this post is all about.


Inspiring People. 

People who challenge the norm and don’t give up on their dreams or their beliefs. 

People who make me drop what I am doing, shut up, and listen.

There is no proper path that one must follow to receive a spot on my list, and there is no specific style that I look for. The only thing that I do look for is passion.

Here are a few passionate folks that I have never stopped looking up to (I hope they inspire you too):

David Ogilvy
The mastermind behind Ogilvy & Mather

Tham Kai Meng
Co-Chairman & Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

Everything that comes out of this man’s mouth is creative GOLD.

Lee Clow
Chairmain, TBWA/Media Arts Lab
Director of Media Arts, TBWA\Worldwide

Andrew Robertson 
CEO of BBDO Worldwide

Seth Godin
Best selling author

All of these people are icons–and I don’t use that term lightly–yet they have different perspectives. Can you guess what they share? Passion. They all have a passion for what they do.


Note: These are not my videos (obviously). They were found on YouTube (of course).





OoMH: The Warby Parker (NYC) Experience

Warby Parker has become one of my go-to brands for perscription eyewear, both optical and sunwear.

My Warby addiction began a few years ago when I stumbled across their site after searching all over the internet in order to find an optical brand that would accomplish 3 things.

  1. Allow me to put my current glasses to rest (never shop for glasses alone, it will not end well).
  2. Not burn a massive hole in my wallet. 
  3. Not break after a week of use. 

Believe it or not, Warby Parker, at that time, was not a very popular brand. When I called my eye doctor to ask for my prescription, even he had no idea what I was talking about. I remember his reaction vividly, “Warby, who?”

What did I have to lose though? I wasn’t about to spend $600 on a new pair of frames from his office, I couldn’t stand the look of my current frames, and my vision is terrible so going glasses-less was just not an option.

You should have just bought some contacts, you say? Yeah, well, allow me to bring you back to my budget. $200 will buy you contacts for a few weeks (maybe months) but I needed a more permanent solution.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.17.16 PM.png

Long story short, I discovered Warby Parker and came across the Home Try On Kit, which allows each member to choose 5 frames to try on FOR FREE.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.16.22 PM.png

I was hooked. ….Or they hooked me, either way, I ordered the trial box. It arrived a few days later, and I fell in love with the 1st frame I tried on (this time I asked for opinions from my friends and family to make sure that I wasn’t making a huge mistake again).

I shipped the box back and ordered that frame–total cost, somewhere around $150.

I could see again–and no longer looked like a “serial killer,” according to my family.


This brings me to the main topic of discussion today, the Warby Parker NYC Store experience. 

I wanted to pick up a new pair of sunglasses, even though, as my mother would say, “I needed another pair of sunglasses like I needed a hole in my head.” To be completely honest, I think I really just wanted to experience the store for myself, the sunglasses were just an excuse to do so.

I love New York. My mother would often bring me into the city growing up, so I had grown a sincere attachment to it.

I was so excited to go into the city on a mission to visit the store , I mean incredibly excited. Like tapping my feet on the subway the entire way there excited. It is always a treat to see what the brand is all about and a brick & mortar is the best way to discover just that. I just hoped that it would live up to my expectations. 

It did. Located in SoHo–one of my favorite areas of the city–the store already spoke to me.

Upon walking into the store, I noticed the awesome (terrible word, but whatever) displays they had in the windows and the vast amount of selection on the shelves (their spring line had just dropped).

The employees were helpful, kind, and courteous throughout my hour long visit. They assisted me in finding the perfect frame and allowed me to try on literally EVERY frame in the store. I even spent some time talking about UNC and our legendary sports teams with one employee.

The store was beautifully designed with a bookstore theme. Something about it just made me feel right at home. It was just hipster enough for my tastes.

As soon as I left, I pulled out the glasses and wore them around the city, during the entire subway and train ride, and even all the way home–it was pretty dark out, mind you, but did’t take them off until I got home.

The sunglasses came in a nice clamshell case with a lens cleaner, and a simple black and white box. On top of all of this, the cashier handed me a canvas/cloth bag to carry the little extras around with me for the rest of my New York adventure.

How have the glasses stood up to my abuse? Incredibly well, actually. I use them almost everyday and honestly see no difference in quality compared to my other prescription Gucci glasses, which is saying something.

So what is the key to understanding this experience? What is the consumer insight?

–>Customers want an honest & sincere company<–

Don’t believe me? Try my test yourself.
Think of your favorite brand and start listing reasons why you enjoy it so much. I guarantee it will eventually boil down to the fact that a brand stays consistent throughout it’s presentation of itself. The details truly matter, even the small ones. Finding a brand is similar to finding a good friend. If someone is fake and you find out, their reputation is instantly tarnished. If they remain consistent in their personality, if they are honest and sincere with you, the friendship will last for ages. Once that person begins shifting away from who you believed them to be, then well…I think we all know what happens then.

  • My loyalty to this brand began with the unique market position; cheap, high-quality glasses.
  • My interest was peaked due to the unique offering, the Home Try On Kit.
  • My loyalty was reinforced after visiting the store and seeing that the brand was truly representative of what it’s roots. What was reflected online was perfectly reflected in store.
Question from Professor:
Given this insight, try your hand at making a recommendation for marketing of this product/service.
How would you improve the 4P’s (product, the pricing, the distribution or the promotion) to make it more consistent with your insight?
Product: Well, I love the product. That is, of course, one of the main reasons for my loyalty to the brand, but there is always room for improvement. The screws within the hinges of the glasses are of low quality, so they often ‘stick’ making opening and closing the glasses a pain. This is a simple yet incredibly important fix.
The brand already offers a wide variety of styles and color ways, but I often do find that I wish there were more options for us men and women who enjoy larger sunnies. Again, minor complaint, but definitely something important to address.
Price: They are incredibly inexpensive for the quality. My one gripe lies in the fact that the price seems to have been increasing on some of the newer models of frames. This could be due to an increase in the quality of materials used, but it is something that always catches me off guard and bothers me a little bit.
Distribution: No company is perfect, but Warby does a great job in the distribution department. Home Try On Kits, a wide selection of frames to choose from and an array of destinations available to ship to. My one possible improvement? Team up with a bigger brand like LensCrafters to make the frames more widely available in brick & mortar locations. I can understand why the brand hesitates here though, part of the WP charm comes from it’s unique stores. They all have a personality that reinforce the brand’s personality.
Promotion: Be yourself. Keep that same style and personality that I originally enjoyed in everything you do. I see a lot of potential in social media advertising, especially on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
I would also recommend improving top-of-mind awareness by bringing the brand onto sites and sponsored content/native ads with Jack Threads/Thrillist, GQ, etc (which the brand has done to some extent).
Another idea would be to collaborate with well-known brands that it’s consumers also follow like Frank & Oak, Kith NYC, Burton, etc.
Well, that might be the longest post yet, but I hope you enjoyed what I had to say.
Summer is coming up, so go out and get yourself a new pair of glasses.



Featured Image

Samsung + Lil Wayne = Perfect Collaboration

As you could probably tell by the name of this post, I will be discussing the latest Samsung spots featuring none other than Lil Wayne

If you don’t like Nike or Lil Wayne, I am very sorry because this week I have been somewhat biased in my selection of ads. BUT if you don’t like Lil Wayne, then you probably don’t like my writing style either, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t lose my MASSIVE amount of visitors (200).

Yes, that was a joke. (Insert laughter here)

Back to the topic at hand. 

Lil Wayne has starred in multiple ads for Samsung (about 3 as far as I can tell), and it seems that every one is progressively better than the last.

So why do I like these ads so much?

They come across as sincere–you know, except for the disclaimer on the bottom of the ad that pops up saying, “DO NOT ATTEMPT” when Lil Wayne is pouring champagne ontop of his new Samsung S7.

While the commercial centers on something that is not recommended by Samsung, it allows Lil Wayne’s true personality to show. He is a funny, light-hearted party animal. THAT is why these spots (and this one in particular) work so well.

Whether you love or hate his music, the guy is hard not to love. He always seems to be happy and excited yet somewhat laid-back, and this spot does an excellent job of showing just that.

Before Wayne was poppin’ bottles and pouring them on his phone, he starred in two other commercials; one entitled, Canoe, and the other, Elephant Baby. These two spots focus on the incredible virtual reality feature that the S7 can handle (VR goggles sold separately, of course).

These spots feature Wesley Snipes too! What could be better than that?

Elephant Baby, as you might have guessed, shows Lil Wayne sitting on his couch and virtually delivering a baby elephant. Personally, I am rather glad that the ‘delivery’ is virtual, because I am pretty sure that I don’t want to see ANYONE delivering a baby elephant on TV.

Canoe, again, pretty obvious content here, focuses on Wayne speaking with Snipes about his virtual reality experiences, but Snipes seems relatively unbothered…(until the end).

Hope that you all enjoyed. Let me know if you have any comments!

Nike Takes NikeiD One Step Further for Air Max Day.

Instantly Personalized Kicks for Air Max Day. On March 26 Nike, along with R/GA, installed an interactive installation that reads your style and creates a customized pair of Air Maxs, one of Nike’s most popular shoes. At this point, I believe the generator will only be able to craft you one of original silhouettes…but still…I mean how much easier could life get?

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the following cities you probably saw the display (that is, if you are a Nike finatic like myself):

  • London
  • Istanbul
  • Prague
  • Warsaw
  • Moscow
  • Athens
  • Abu Dhabi

According to Creativity-online, any visitor “can stand on a podium in-store and have their sartorial tastes translated into trainers that match their outfits.” 

“R/GA London combined a Kinect motion sensor with its own body recognition algorithms to create the scanning device, which is not affected by other people moving around in the background. The color matching is designed to be dynamic and randomized, so that it generates interesting and truly personal combinations.”

Customization has always been an important aspect of the Nike community culture, but this campaign goes above and beyond. Maybe this concept is only interesting to me because of my infatuation with the Nike brand, but I think the idea is a great one (especially in this age where customization is so important to so many buyers).

I anticipate seeing a multitude of other brands imitating this technology, or, at least, I hope to see it.

Another short post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, and these bad boys were released on Air Max Day–Nike Air Max Zero OG


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